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I was out on the deck no less than 10 times tonight taking pictures of the lunar eclipse. Sarah actually called me a geek for it – no worries – it’s a term of endearment. 🙂

I think stuff like eclipses, space, planets, etc is so cool. One, for the science of it all. Gravitational pulls, huge balls of burning gas light years away – I could read about the stuff all day long.

lunar eclipseThe second reason is God. To think that all He had to do was speak and space was. The moon was. The earth was. To think that the location of every star was planned before time began. To think that in the entire universe, we’re it. Jesus came and died here – on a little blue marble in one of the spiral arms of the milky way galaxy. God could have gone big – REAL big – but he made us. Gave us the free will to choose him. Gave us the gift of love. Gave us life eternally with Him – if we’ll just accept it.

I cant help but think that events like tonight are a gift from the Father. He’s up there saying:

“I orchestrate planets. I set galaxies in motion. I created a universe that has no visible end. Imagine what I can do in your life if you give me the chance.”