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The answer is “Small”

The question is “How flying 40,000 feet over Yellowstone National Park makes you feel.”


It seems so often that we consider our lives the center of the universe. In some personal ways it is. We all need to take care of ourselves and those that depend on us first. On the other hand, the extra 5 minutes in the check out line at the grocery store, a little extra traffic on the way home from work, or the occasional screening kid in the restaurant isnt the end of the world. There are much bigger issues going on around us that we should take notice of.

Case in point…

I started typing this post while I actually was 40,000 feet above Yellowstone, on my way home from Washington state. I had gotten up late today and missed my flight and started feeling pretty dumb about it and was getting angry at myself. I looked out the window and got the gut check with this view:



I am a speck in this world. There are much bigger problems than my missing a plane. The point was reiterated when I got off in Denver, looked at the flight board to see where my connection gate was and saw a 5.5 hour delay.

After getting some work done, talking to Sarah and getting a bite to eat, here I sit with 3 hours left to go kind of enjoying the free time I have in the airport. It’s giving me a chance to finish this post, read a little and try to detox from the week of meetings and discussions at work.

Sometimes we need these “screw up days” to prioritize us. Help us remember where we sit in this world and that there is more outside our personal 15 foot circle.