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Scrooge or Elf?

Leave it to OfficeMax. They might not have the easy button, but when it comes to holiday cheer, you can’t beat a box of shiny new Bic pens… Wait… Nevermind.

Anyway – OfficeMax has set up ScroogeYourself.com and ElfYourself.com .  You upload a picture and POOF! Out pops Scrooge or a frilly elf.  Check me out:


Not too Scrooge-y, I know. I’m a happy guy! What can I say? I think the tights look great on me for the elf picture!!

Plug in some photo’s and give it a whirl. I’ll post them here if you send them to stuff (at) erichter (dot) net . Have fun Elfing (Elving?) and Scrooging!