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Cool Tools


Listen to music on your computer a lot?

If so, Lala.com might be right up your alley.

Lala.com lets you buy (legally, of course) MP3’s for $.10 each.

Yup. A dime.

The only catch is that you can only listen to those files online – from any computer connected to the internet.  If you decide that you want to take the songs with you on your iPod or other MP3 player (seriously though… get an iPod) you can download the song for an extra $.79. Not a bad deal.

Lala.com also lets you listen to any of their 6 million MP3’s for free – but only one time. Seems like a decent way to try before you buy, no?

Check out lala.com fro more info.

What to say about Wufoo

Online forms. That’s what Wufoo is about. Do you have a registration? Contact sheet?


Do you want to run reports on the information people put into your forms?


Need to take a payment? Have people place an order?


With Wufoo, you create your own forms and add them to your website, send them through an email or post them to a blog entry. when people fill out your form, you can be notified through email or text message. Wufoo can connect to your Paypal account to take payments for events, products or services. There are plenty of pre-made templates to choose from and you can brand the forms anyway you want. The form information is stored on Wufoo’s servers and you can run reports against it. Easy-peasy!

Wufoo is a pay service, but has a limited free account that gives you 3 forms with up to 10 fields per form.

Wufoo.com for more info.