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Happy Birthday, Baby Girl


Baby girl, today you turn 10 years old. I’ve been dreading the day you turn double digits because it means you’re that much closer to being a grownup. I’m unwilling to give up the little girl that came into the life of your mother and I 10 short years ago.

Every day you cease to amaze me with your love of life, your incredible mind that won’t stop working and your innocence that inspires me to look at the world without jaded glasses.

I love the way you will try new things after I hound you for days and I love even more the way you love them more that I thought you would.

You still run to the door and give me a hug when I get home from work or a trip and you still hop in my lap for snuggles. Never stop doing that.

You give your all when the time calls for it, and you know how to relax and chill out like a true Richter.

Your and awesome big sister and a true friend to everyone.

I can’t count how many people have said what a good kid you are. Every time someone mentions you, your mom and I can’t help but beam with pride.

You’re smart, funny, and have latched on to the sarcasm that your mother and I have flowing through our veins. I’m not sure if that last one is a good thing, but it sure makes for good times around the Richter compound.

The past 10 years have been an amazing journey. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 have in store for us.




Hannah’s Flight

Today, Hannah took her first flight in a small prop plane.

The Joliet Park District, Young Eagles, and Joliet Airport offered kids ages 8-17, a free 15 minute flight today, so we surprised Hannah and drove her to the Joliet Airport and made it seem as though we were just there to watch the planes. After signing her in (and signing her life away…) they called her name and off she went…

DSC 0333

DSC 0342

DSC 0354

DSC 0373

DSC 0403

DSC 0412

DSC 0430

Journey to LegoLand

Last Friday, Sarah and I had the pleasure of chaperoning Hannah’s field trip to LegoLand in Schaumburg:

Shot in the car on the way up. Every overpass we went under, the girls screamed…

Shots from inside LegoLand:

Han and the 2 other girls in her class


Han and Mommy


Lego Water Tower and John Hancock Bldg


Lego Navy Pier


Lego Chicago


Lego Sears Tower – The Dark Knight is standing on the edge if you look close


Lego Indy


Lego Batman


Lego Vader


Some of the boys from Han’s school build a huge tower with foam Lego blocks.


…and a waste of perfectly good Legos…  😉


There was a lot more to see and do… A “Mr Toads Wild Ride” type ride, 3D movie, Lego jungle, and stations to build cars and houses… We got in for around 7 dollars a person. Normal price is $19 per adult and $15 per child. WAY overpriced if you ask me. Sarah, Han and I wouldn’t have $53 worth of fun… Maybe I’m just cheap.

Over all – a really fun day!


https://i2.wp.com/www.ni-photos.jmcwd.com/blackberry.jpgLast week, Sarah, Hannah, Nathan and I went over to Sarah’s dad’s for a cookout.  Like usual, there was a decent spread of snackies  – cookies, crackers, cheese, finger fruits, etc.

Toward the back was a bowl of raspberries and blackberries that Hannah couldn’t see.  Sarah’s dad asked Hannah if she tried the blackberries because they were soooo good.

Hannah just stood there with a weird look on her face.  I couldn’t figure out why when suddenly it dawned on me.  I proceeded to ask Han what a blackberry was:

That’s your work phone, Daddy…

Came a chipper reply.

Almost as bad – – – –

Hannah asks Sarah today when she can go get a haircut at the “fun place we went to before” (There used to be a kids salon where they got to sit in powerwheel cars and watch videos while their hair was being cut).  Sarah told Han that place had closed, so Hannah – without missing a beat – suggests:

That’s ok.  We can just find where another one is on Daddy’s phone.

Do you think I look up too many things on the iPhone?

Twins – 5 years apart

As I was uploading some pictures from my camera yesterday, I thought I would look back on Hannah’s newborn pictures.  Hmmm.  That kid looks familier…

I put a picture of one-day-old Hannah next to one-day-old Nathan…

Twins – 5 years apart:

More Nate and Sissy

Click a picture for a larger view

Holding Hands

Hannah: “Look at the picture I drew, Daddy!”

Me: “Very nice! Who is it?”

Hannah: “It’s you and me, Daddy”

Me: “What are we doing?”

Hannah: “We’re holding hands”

At that point my heart melts…

Holding hands sm.jpg

Too many toys…

bbpearlHan and I watched “Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer” tonight. I taped it on my DVR, so the commercials were still in it. I wasn’t on the ball fast enough with the remote, so we saw a few commercials play by. One was for T-Mobile and their rainbow assortment of Blackberry Pearl phones. At the end of the commercial, Han looks at me and says

Hey Dad – You have one of those!

My 4 year old knows what a Blackberry Pearl is and that her father has one…