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One number to rule them all…

Retro phone

Here we go… I have a:

  • Personal Cell phone
  • Work cell phone
  • Work desk phone
  • Work network room phone
  • Home phone
  • And maybe a few more I can’t think of

Here’s the problem.  What number do I give out?  I don’t always have both cell phones on me, and sometimes I’m in the network room at work where a cell signal has yet to permeate.  More often than not, I miss calls.

Enter GrandCentral.  A work friend turned me on to it so I signed up.  Here’s the basic gist…

You sign up (for free) and GrandCentral gives you a new phone number.  I know – another number – hear me out for a sec. This new number is the last number you’ll ever need (so they say).  You enter all your existing numbers into GrandCentral and when someone calls your new GC number, it rings all your phones at once.  If no one answers, it goes to voicemail.

I’ve barely had time to try it all out, so I’ll be your beta tester and report back in a few with the results.  If anyone is interested in signing up, leave a comment with your email or email me at erik at erichter dot net and I’ll get a link sent out to you.

Happy GrandCentralling!!