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Photography Cheat Sheet

If you have a DSLR camera, hopefully you’re not like me and use it mostly on the AUTO setting. While this is a decent place to take pictures, there are near unlimited possibilities to discover using the manual mode of your camera.

If you ARE like me, then the manual mode of your camera intimidates the heck out of you and every time you mess with the dial, you take pictures that wouldn’t be worthy of gracing the bottom of the bird cage.

LivingInTheStills has created a great cheat sheet for using the manual options on your digital camera.

From exposure to ISO settings, the chart below is pretty easy to follow if you want to take better pictures.

I plan on printing this one out and dropping a copy or two in my camera bag.

Click on the image for a larger version.


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Upload this…

Yes, it’s time for another installment of:

Cool Tools!   <cue cheesy intro muzak>

In this edition, we’ll take a look at the little wonder known as PixelPipe.


PixelPipe is simple in nature, but is a true time saver for folks who upload pictures to the internet. Basically, it’s a single conduit to over 50 social media websites and more are being added all the time.

How’s it work? Here’s an example:

I have a blog hosted at, a flickr acct, a Twitter acct, a Picasa acct, and a Facebook acct. Say I want to upload some pictures to each one. This could be a very time consuming task. Picking the same pictures 5 times, going through the web interface for each service to upload the images… Not the way I want to spend 30 or 45 minutes. PixelPipe make it dead simple. I installed the PixelPipe exporter for iPhoto (I have a Mac – there are many Windows options as well – more on that later) set up my “pipes” on the PixelPipe website and uploaded my pictures to 5 different social media sites in less than 20 seconds.


Your first step to getting started is signing up for a free account at From there, you set up your “pipes”. There are currently over 50 sites PixelPipe works with including Twitter, WordPress, TypePad, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, ShutterFly, and YouTube. You can even upload to email or an FTP site.

Getting your pictures to the PixelPipe service is the next step. There are installable tools for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can email or MMS your photos from your phone, use a firefox extension, or install the PixelPipe app on your iPhone.

Once the pictures are uploaded, PixelPipe routes them to the sites that you have configured and your work is done. Depending on the site, it’ll even post a blog entry or send a tweet (from twitter) automatically. With for instance, I can set PixelPipe to upload my pictures and post an entry with those pictures to my blog.

Dead. Simple.

Happy Uploading!

Tasty iPhone2 Rumors

From Engadget:

So we’ve got it on authority that the second-gen iPhone is already well into testing, and numerous units are floating around in super secret pockets. A trusted source got a chance to check one out, here’s what we’ve heard.

  • The first thing people will notice: the 2nd gen iPhone will be about the same size and shape as the first gen.
  • It will, of course, have 3G. And proper GPS!
  • The most noticeable physical difference is back of the phone is no longer metal — the whole thing is glossy black, from top to bottom. The volume buttons are now chrome.
  • Because it’s got a little less metal to deal with, it doesn’t have quite as many angular edges. The battery is (still) not removable.
  • The phone itself will be slightly thicker than the first gen device.
  • The headphone jack will no longer be recessed, and will finally be flush with the body.
  • The device itself uses roughly the same size and resolution screen as the first generation product.
  • No solid word on battery life or capacity.

It could ship (or be introduced) as early as July — but it’s worth noting that none of this is necessarily finalized, and any of it could change between now and its introduction. You really never know with Apple!

MMmmmm… iPhone2

3G, GPS and a non-crippled headphone jack are reason enough for me to upgrade…  With the better half’s blessing, of course…  😉

Call after call after call after…

images.jpgHave you ever received a call from the same number over and over and over? Most of the time, there’s no caller id attached to it, so you have a number, but no clue who’s calling. Enter . is a user supported website where you can search for a phone number to se if they’ve called anyone else and possibly find out who they are. You might not be able to stop the calls, but at least you’ll know who they are…

To stop the constant telemarketers, enter your numbers into the federal Do Not Call list at .

Cool Tools

In my wanderings through cyberspace, I’ve come across a couple cool tools to aid in your daily walk.

Picture 4.png

The first is . basically it’s an online bible that can be marked up with your thoughts. You can tag verses, star verses, or make public or private notes on verses that others or only you can see. The site is still in beta, so there are a number of things that don’t work yet, but it’s still usable. No NIV or NLT yet, but you can read The Message, NKJV, ESV, and a number of other translations. Personally, I think is more usable at the present time, but I have a feeling YouVersion will catch up soon.

Picture 3.png

Number tw o is . PeoplePray clims to be the intersession superhighway. In a nutshell, you can make an online prayer list that’s accessible from anywhere. Your prayers can be private or public, there’s a section for notes, and a spot for answered prayers. They ask for a lot of info when signing up, but I have yet to see any negative effects from my birthday or email address being part of their system.

If you have a few minutes this week, check these sites out. You might find something you can use.