One Year Later

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A year ago today, our house was empty, the cars were being transported and Sarah, the kids and I were on a plane, eager to start a new chapter in Spokane, WA.

For those unfamiliar with the “story”, I accepted a new job at the corporate office in Spokane, WA in October of 2011. On December 7th, everything had fallen into place and we were off to Washington to start a new life. Little did we know that 7 short weeks later, we’d be back in Illinois as if nothing had ever happened.

I won’t go into details, but it was one of those life changing events. I know that Sarah feels the same when I say that we came back changed for the better.

Refocused. Prioritized. Intentional.

Three (of many) words I can use to describe how we changed.

In the end, we’re glad it happened how it did. We’re happy to be home and countless friends and family have resonated the same.

To those that offered support and a shoulder to lean on… Thanks.


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