Occupy Sandy

Within an eight day spread, this nation was hit with a one-two punch.

One came from Mother Nature in the form of the SuperSandyHurriN’orEasterStorm. Two was the blow from the realization we have another four years to deal with President Obama and his complete contempt for our nation and her sovereignty.

Much could be said about either disaster, but at least one ray of light is shining through the hurricane/liberal rock ’em sock ’em:

Occupy Sandy

Occupy Sandy is a series of gift registries at Amazon and Target whose sole purpose is to provide much needed supplies to the people on the East coast affected by the storm and subsequent bad weather. A short article about this sub-movement of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) group can be found at The Blaze.

Kudo’s for this group to be helping out, as we all should, but as one commenter pointed out:

It’s ironic how those who protest capitalism and the free market in favor of collectivism found an innovative way to help those in need by using tools created by capitalism and the free market when the government solution failed.

Again, I applaud the group for going the extra mile when fellow citizens are in need and suffering. Maybe through this, some of the OWS groups will come to realize large corporations and free markets aren’t the worst thing in the world…

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