2012 Voter Guides

As a free Democracy, we have the right to a silent, private vote that only we, as individuals, have the power to take away from ourselves.

Every year, the Illinois Family Institute publishes voter guides so the public can see what issues each candidate supports/opposes. You can view the guides for your specific district here:

2012 Voter Guides

If you are unaware what district you live in, click the gray Officials Finder or Candidate Finder buttons on the right side of the screen.

In Illinois, you can also go here to find your districts:

IL Elections Map


Illinois residents recently went through a redistricting. Officially, the redistricting doesn’t start until 2013, but this election is based on the new lines. If you live in Illinois, PLEASE check your districts before viewing the voter guides.
Please use these guides and links to aid in your decision-making process tomorrow.

Please exercise your civic duty. Our armed forces have fought and died to uphold our right to vote. I do not, and never will, take this for granted.


IFI is a conservative group, but the voter guides are neutral, bi-partisan documents.

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