What do we really want?


This summer, SouthField Church in Channahon embarked on a journey to look into the third aspect of the Trinity that most people glaze over: The Holy Spirit.

To dig deeper on our own, Dennis suggested a few books that might shed some light on who the Holy Spirit is and what kind of influence and involvement it was to have on in our lives.

One of the books was Forgotten God by Francis Chan. In chapter 2, Chan writes:

A few years ago, I asked one of my friends if he genuinely wanted to know God’s will—no matter what God desired to do through him. His answer was honest: “No, that would freak me out.” He then admitted that he would rather not know everything God wants him to do. That way in the end he could say, “I had no idea You wanted me to do all of those things.” I appreciate my friend’s willingness to say what many secretly think and feel about total surrender to God. It’s honest, more honest than most people are willing to be.

I’d lying if I claimed I didn’t feel the same way. There have been more times than I can count that I want to toss up a volley prayer to God asking for more confidence, more patience, or a willingness to go where he wants me to go.

Why have I not asked God for these?

I’m afraid He’ll come through and give me what I’m asking for.

How do you learn confidence? By being thrust into situations where you need more confidence.

How do you learn patience? By having your patience tried again and again.

How do you go where God wants you to go? Potentially uprooting everything you (and your family) know.

How do we change our thinking?

What needs to happen in our minds to change the way we look at this?

What have you done to overcome the fear of God answering your prayers?

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