The New Christmas?

Scenes from recent Black Friday's:


Xbox 360's

…and finally, Play-Doh

It's sad that the Thanksgiving/Christmas season has become what you see in the videos above. There's nothing wrong with having a good time shopping, but when fist fights break out over a video game and people get killed by a stampede of people rushing into WalMart, something is wrong.

This past Sunday, my church started a series titled Advent Conspiracy. Here's the video:

Basically, we need to stop the rampant consumerism fever in this country and get things back to the true meaning of Christmas. Loving, giving, helping, doing… it's not about stuff. It's about lasting relationships. It's about helping the less fortunate. It's about getting back to living a life that pleases God. God couldn't care less about the $198 32" TV you bought at WalMart on Black Friday. Help the homeless, give blood, dig a well, get out of your comfort zone and do something that impacts someone else… That'll raise an eyebrow.

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