Rich Uncle Pennybags has really let himself go

From The Consumerist:


If you’ve become addicted to McDonald’s Monopoly promotion, you may wonder roughly how many Big Macs you’ll have to eat until you can realistically hope to win a major prize

The number crunchers at Eat With A Spork has some comforting news for you, though. Using the site’s calculator, reader Mike determined you’ll only need to eat 476,991 Big Macs in order to expect to win $500 whopping dollars in prize money.

Mike writes:

Congratulations! On your road to glory you:
Ingested 257,575,140 calories.
Consumed 13,832,739 grams of fat.
Inhaled 496,070,640 milligrams of sodium.
Took in 21,464,595 grams of carbohydrates.
Packed on 73,592.90 pounds.

You spent $1,779,176.43 trying to win a $500 prize.

McDonald’s may not be generous with prizes in the contest, but it sure doesn’t shortchange you on of sodium, carbs or calories.

I’m Feelin’ It [Eat With A Spork]

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