Back on the bandwagon

I started, I stopped, I started again, I stopped a bunch more times…

This time needs to happen.

Time to lose some weight.

I’m 80lbs heavier than I was 2 years ago. I had lost that 80lbs between Jan07 and Sept07. Then I fell back into eating bad and neglecting my gym membership, and lo and behold, the 80lbs showed back up.

I had heavy friend die of heart failure earlier this year and it scared the crap out of me. Unfortunately, it got pushed to the back of my mind like most other important issues. Oh yeah – she was 40… 10 years older than me.

I’ve been eating good since Thursday (yesterday was questionable, but that’s ok. I’m going to give myself some cheat days). I’ve even gone caffeine free.

I figure if I blog about it, maybe it’ll keep me in line. I think I’m going to add a section to this blog for my updates… Food, exercise, pics… Similar to this guy:

Sadly, that’s about where I’m starting. I was 339 last week. This morning, I’m down to 334.6. All water weight, I’m sure, but an ok start non-the-less.

I plan on using some tools to help: (now part of for calorie/food/weight tracking.

MotionX GPS on the iPhone to track walks, bike rides and maybe runs???? down the road… My friend Bob says theres a runner in everybody. I have yet to believe it…  🙂 has good forums with a ton of support and great downloadable workout sheets. Even an iPhone app.

Sarah’s doing WeightWatchers, so it looks like this is going to be a couples thing.

My goal – 225 in the end.

Let’s get it on!

By the way – for those non-Simpsons fans, the picture above is Fat Tony… Get it? Fat… Nevermind.

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