Scenes from the Recession has a great photo section called “The Big Picture“. They take current news and work some photojournalistic magic.

This time, we have “Scenes from the Recession“.

One comment stood out. It mirrors my feelings pretty accurately.

Many of these pictures are stunning, but one of the captions really stood out to me. 1 in 8 home owners is effected by foreclosure. Thus 7 out of a 8 home owners and 100% of renters aren’t in trouble with a mortgage. Why are we spending so much to bailout the people who got in over their head?

I do feel for those who will lose their home because of job loss, illness and other things which happen to people in the run of life, but that has always been the case when things went sour in the economy. I just can’t bring myself to feel bad for the people who are getting crushed by their ARMs. Its their wanton greed, along with the banks which enabled them to act on that greed. that led us down this path. No common sense was applied. I can afford a Mercedes Benz SL 550. I might not be able to pay the rest of my bills, but I can afford that one payment. People didn’t check themselves, not one little bit.

Now, to save a few ignorant fools, far more renters will be forsaken.

There is nothing quite like waking up one day to find out that the President is going to use your tax dollars against you and your American dream by propping up unsustainable price levels. It makes me wish I had been a fool and bought a McMansion I couldn’t afford…

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