Happy Birthday

10 years ago today, on February 19th, 1999, a now cult classic opened in theaters across the country.


If you’ve ever worked in a cubicle, sat through rush hour traffic, dealt with annoying bosses, or received a paper jam error on your printer, you MUST see this movie.

I have my Initech mug and red Swingline on my desk right now.

Here’s some Office Space fun for your Thursday:

Motivation - Office Space


Office Space as a horror movie-

Thanks for a great film, Mike Judge.

mike judge

One comment

  1. Jeff

    Thath my sthtapler. You shouldn’t have my sthtapler. I’m going to get the sthtapler and I don’t care… I haven’t rethsteved my check thith week…

    Uh, yeahhhhhhh. Uh, Erik? I’m gonna need you to work Saturday, umm K? Uh, and Sunday to…

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