Build Confidence and Destroy Fear

There’s an article today on the Get Rich Slowly blog about confidence and fear. The author, JD, is talking about public speaking, but I couldn’t help think about how this relates to everything in life – especially our spiritual life.

Here are a few excerpts:

To say “no” is to live in fear. My goal is to continually
improve myself, to become better than I am today. One way to do that is
to do the things that scare me, to take them on as challenges, and to
learn from them — even if I fail.

Don’t dwell on failures. Draw from the things you’ve done right.
My talk last week was far from perfect. But if I dwell on the things I
did wrong, I’ll psych myself out of future opportunities. I’ll be
scared to say “yes” when somebody asks me to speak. Instead, I’m trying
to focus on the things I did right so that I can emphasize them in
future presentations.

Do not procrastinate. Procrastination promotes fear. When you’re
afraid, thinking is your enemy. Act. Do what you think is best, and do
it quickly. The longer you take to act, the more time you have to talk
yourself out of it, the longer you have to imagine the things that
might go wrong. It’s not enough to hope. Take action.

Keep things in perspective. I know a woman who is paralyzed by
what other people might think of her. She’s always on pins and needles,
waiting for some cutting remark. Even small things in innocuous
conversations become huge things in her mind, rebukes for imagined
transgressions. This sort of thing saps any chance at self-confidence.

We need to keep pushing forward in everything – finances, family, God…  and do it deliberately.

We weren’t created to just exist. We were created to make a difference.

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