Radioactive Lighthouse

I have a thing for interesting photography. I’m not any good myself, but I like getting inspired by looking at other people’s work… Wishing I had something to shoot… more time to go out and shoot…

A couple sites I visit with regularity are Daily Dose of Imagery and Kwerfeldein Photography .  These guys are amazing with a camera – usually taking abstract pictures of life around us…

I’ve posted a few times about abandoned places. Two that come to mind are an amusement park somewhere in Korea/China/Japan? and a book depository in Detroit

I don’t know what it is… There is something eerie and amazing about “urban decay”.

Something just left there… Forgotten forever. Life around it is running full steam, but the location of the images are stuck in a time warp.

I came upon a new set of photos this morning. These are from Russia – Far northern Russia. Communist Russia.

There are lighthouses along the Arctic circle that were once used to steer ships away from the rocky cliffs during the 100 days of darkness and at night. These lighthouses are so far from civilization, they were run by tiny nuclear reactors so they’d be autonomous.

The description and images speak far better than I ever could.

Here are a few of the pictures… Click here for the full page.

And try not to click on the Russian mail-order bride advertisements… 





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