iPhone in Church


Stuff Christian’s Like has an interesting article today about our connected devices (iPhones, Blackberry’s, etc.) and their perceived use during a church service.

I’ve run into this dilemma multiple times before. I want to look up a verse, get more context, etc., but I feel bad whipping out the iPhone to fire up my bible app. What are people going to think if I’m going to town on my phone while the pastor is giving the message? I suppose it’s really between me and God. If He knows what I’m really doing, should it make that big a difference what others think?

I generally touch my phone twice during service – once to turn the ringer off, and once to turn the ringer on.  Maybe I’ll start using it more. Some pastors have the congregation text questions that he answers at the end of service. As long as the technology is helping and not taking your focus away from what you’re there for, is there really a problem?

If you’re looking for a great mobile bible for your iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, or web enabled phone, check out these links:

iPhone/Touch app

Blackberry app

Mobile Version


  1. Stephen

    I have been using electronic Bibles in church for years. I personally love it, but then again it doesn’t distract me, I don’t do texting, email, etc. I have used them on Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and iPhone.

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