What’s on your plate?

My good buddy Kelly over at Vegetable Soup has not had turkey for 14 years. In some parts of this country – that’s heresy.  She goes on and on about how good TOFUrkey is, so I decided to do a little research.

The following is an image comparison of “Real American Turkey” to the substance known as TOFUrkey. The top picture is the real deal – the flesh of a dead fowl. The bottom picture – molded beancurd.

Let’s get it on!

In the package:



Out of the package:



After cooking:






Take your pick, America.

Tom or Tofu?

Tryptophan or a “trip to the can”?

I know what I’m eating tomorrow. Do you?

Just remember the leftovers…

With turkey, you get soup, sam’iches, pot pies…

With TOFUrkey, you get TOFUrkey pate…




  1. roo

    Although I hate Tofurky with a passion and will be enjoying vegan lasagna tomorrow, I have to agree with Kelly! Haha.

    Happy Thanksgiving just the same.


  2. Jeff

    I’m sorry, but Tofurkey sounds too much like a swear word to subject my children to it!

    I was bowhunting the other day and didn’t see any tofurkey’s (tofurkies???) running around. If I can’t kill it, I don’t want to eat it…

    Where do they raise these things anyway? Alaska?

    And, how many mice, bunnies, and other small, cute, cuddly animals were killed to harvest the soybeans to make this Tofurkey? I only killed one animal this Thanksgiving…

    Anyone else want to join me on the moral high ground??? There’s plenty of room up here!! I can’t believe Kelly participated in the death of thousands of animals to serve her Vegan nightmare!!! Repent!!! Repent!!!

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