Life on Loan

Yesterday, Dennis showed the video “99 Balloons”:

I watched it once Saturday night and twice on Sunday morning.  It took all my strength not to cry out loud all three times. I have 2 beautiful kids. Hannah’s 5 and Nate is 6 months. I couldn’t imagine life without them. They’ve taught me more than I can describe.  If nothing else, the movie reminded me to cherish every moment with them. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.



That leads me to Dennis’ message yesterday. Life on loan. Our life isn’t ours to mess with. Our money, possessions, jobs – all provided by God. He knew about them forever and a day ago. It’s our responsibility to take care of them and use them best to further His kingdom.

I believe the loan even extends to our rights. Our right to free speech, to own a gun, to worship without fear of persecution, to vote.

Yes. To vote.

If our rights belong to God – He being the one that placed us where we are – in the United States of America – with the freedom to vote any way we choose – how can we as Christians vote against the bible?

Abortion, gay rights, separation of church and state, removing prayer from school, an unproven theory being crammed down students throats as the ONLY explanation of existence…

The list goes on and on. How can we vote for these things when our vote ultimately belongs to God?

We need to be voting for what is right – what is pure.

How can a Christ follower stand before God and tell him that he voted for a person that says Steve and Gary are ok to get married and adopt a child – that says we need to remove God from our schools – that would leave a still viable, aborted baby on the table to die.

Forget the economy. Forget immigration. Forget the oil. There are much larger things – Eternity impacting things – that need to be addressed.

As a Christian, I plan to make my vote count Tuesday.



  1. Erik


    In times like this, there’s no other way. I had planned to stay neutral this political season, but I couldn’t. People are being snowed by Obama. If you listen to what he’s saying – really listen – you start to hear absolutely nothing. He’s worthless as a leader. The media has hyped him to stratospheric proportions. Is McCain any better? Maybe not, but at least he’s been in federal politics for better than 2 decades.

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