Leviathan Chronicles

A few months ago, I was browsing around Facebook and an ad popped up in the sidebar advertising “The Leviathan Chronicles”. It was a large blue image that looked pretty and shiny, so I did what anyone would do to a shiny, blue ad… I clicked it.

I don’t regret that click one bit.

The Leviathan Chronicles is an adventure story (sci-fi podcast as they describe it) that follows a woman as she learns the secrets of Leviathan. I don’t want to add too much, because the story is so good.

I just finished with Chapter 6 and there are 14 chapters so far. A chapter gets released about every 2 weeks and they’re about 40 minutes each.

I’m hooked.  The production quality of the podcasts is great, the story is top notch… I can’t stop listening! It really is better than most of the audio books I’ve listened to and it’s free.

If you download it through iTunes, you’ll notice an “explicit” tag by the podcast. There are choice words used. Similar to a PG-13 movie, but not all the time. So far, chapter 2 and 6 had quite a few. Other than that, there was a murder in one of the chapters so far. Not for the kiddies, but not so much gore/nasty language that you’d be turned away.

If you want to take a listen, check out www.leviathanchronicles.com or search for “leviathan chronicles” in iTunes. There’s a trailer you can listen to before jumping into the story too.

Happy listening!\

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