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A couple days ago, I posted about my dislike of presidential elections. I’ll admit – I “bunny trailed” and it turned into a pseudo-rant. A few friends and one unknown person commented on that post. The unknown person goes by the name Linda and seemed to have an issue with my pro-life stance when it comes to picking a president. Linda claims that the single topic of abortion is not enough to qualify or reject a candidate for the presidency.

I respect her opinion. Mine is the opposite.

It’s funny how God’s timing works in situations like this. Just last night, I was browsing Twitter and came across a tweet from Gabe Taviano from Here is a copy of the tweet:

Still confused about Obama and abortion, or whether or not it should alter your vote. Author Randy Alcorn helps –

The link goes to Randy Alcorn’s blog and a post about the very subject of single issue voters – specifically abortion. what Randy has to say is profound.  He is an accomplished author, husband and father that has been in the trenches when it comes to abortion issues. He has peacefully protested abortion, been to jail for peacefully protesting and been to court for peacefully protesting. Here’s a little of what the article has to say:

So, is the candidate’s stand on the issue of shedding innocent blood important enough to disqualify him as a candidate? Yes. While a single issue can’t qualify a candidate, it can disqualify him. In my opinion, this issue clearly disqualifies Barack Obama, just as it disqualified Republican Rudy Giuliani.

I don’t think someone is a good candidate just because he is pro-life. But he cannot be a good candidate unless he is pro-life. Personally, if he is committed to legalized child-killing, as a matter of conscience I must vote against him.

Now, when someone says, “But still, abortion isn’t the only issue,” I agree. I care very much about the poor and racial equality. That’s why if John McCain was committed to legalizing the killing of the poor and the killing of ethnic minorities, I would not vote for him either.

But suppose you have two candidates, one who has promised to defend and further the legalized killing of one group of people (any group: women, minorities, disabled, unborn, poor.) You disagree with the other candidate in areas that in their own right might be important, but do not involve the merciless slaughter of millions of people. Furthermore, the second candidate—whom you consider boring and disagreeable—believes that same group of people has the right to live, and he says he will defend their rights, and appoint judges who will defend it. Now, which candidate should you vote for?

If neither candidate were committed to the legalized killing of people, any people, then I would say, by all means weigh and measure those other important issues and make your choice. But can you seriously argue that these other issues trump the killing of millions of innocent children, not just now, but in the decades to come under a pro-abortion Supreme Court that could have been a pro-life Supreme Court?

That’s just the tip of what the article says. If you have time, I highly suggest reading the whole thing. It’s very long, but appropriate for the topic being discussed. Being passionate about this issue, I think it’s well worth the read.

FAIR WARNING: There are 2 videos in the post. One is images of babies still in the womb – a progression through pregnancy – very tasteful and serene. The other is not. As Randy puts it:

I don’t think that anyone has the right to vote for a candidate who is committed to legalized abortion unless you are willing to watch the video below showing you exactly what abortion does. If you are not viewing the video to see what happens as the result of an abortion, then I hope it’s because you know the truth. But if you refuse to watch this because it is too horrific to look at a dismembered child, then don’t you think abortion is too horrific to be legal? And too horrific to be supported by your candidate? And too horrific for you to vote for by voting for him?

Personally, I didn’t watch. I know what it looks like, I’ve seen pictures, and I have 2 of the greatest, most beautiful children on the face of this planet. I don’t need to see what becomes of too many other babies like mine.

Again – regardless of what side you sit on, please read the article. Maybe you’ll see something from a different angle. At this point in the election, I think it’s all but over with. A message can still be sent though. We need to keep fighting for what is right.

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