Election – Blech!

Ballot Box

I hate presidential elections.

Not because of the mudslinging.

Not because of the 125,487 yard signs on my way to church every Sunday.

Not because of the debates.

I hate them because they divide people.

The “If you’re against my guy, you’re against me” attitude breaks out. I’m guilty party numero uno on this one.

Last night I was scanning through Twitter and saw a couple people I look up to in the church IT world tweet about Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama. They claimed that they were undecided and Powell’s endorsement made their decision even harder.

Ok. There’s hope.

Then this morning, I see one of the two claim that he still has doubts, questions and uncertainty, but he’s locked and loaded for Obama.

My heart sank. I now feel a disconnect. I care less for what he has to say.

Is that wrong?

You’re free to vote for whoever you want. That’s the joy of democracy and living in the United States. As Christians, though, I think we’re called to a higher moral responsibility.

  • Believe it or not, the economy will be fine
  • Your taxes will go up regardless of who wins
  • There will always be social security issues


  • Innocent babies are killed every day. Human life gets discounted by the second
  • Disease and famine run rampant halfway across the planet
  • If we give terrorists an inch, they’ll take the whole world. Don’t think so? Try ’em. Talking doesn’t work with these people.

I remember a sermon from before the 2004 election. Dennis was on stage and was talking about the Bush/Kerry election (no endorsements – churches can’t do that). He held up a bible in one hand and his wallet in the other. 

What are you going to vote with? This (holds out wallet)? Or this (holds out bible)?

The decision is easy for me. What about you?


  1. Dennis

    You know, I’d say ditto, but someone is sure to read into that.

    I want to clarify one things about us not endorsing people. My reason for not endorsing someone is not because churches cannot do it. Actually, pastors are permitted to endorse, even from the pulpit, if they are speaking for themselves, not the church.

    I have two reasons for keeping from making endorsements. First, though one candidate may be more in line with my views in an election, they can change the second they are elected. They lack of credibility damages my credibility. Second, and more important, I do not want an endorsement to come in the way of my relationship with another person, and particularly, my ability to get to the core issue…Christ, who never changes, not a candidate who waffles. We’re about changing hearts. I’ve seen the damage that I can do when I get on my political soap box. These days, I only talk politics once I know where the other person is coming from and that the talk is not going to come between us.

    I come back to the priorities Thomas Jefferson set forth when I vote, seeing all through a biblical lens. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These three concepts are in that order for a reason. Life is absolutely fundamental. Next liberty…free life and finally, we get to pursue happiness.

    I get tagged as a single issue voter. I see myself as a priority voter. Once one issue is clear, I can move to the second and then the third.

    I also laugh because those who tag me as a single issue voter say, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Sounds like a single issue to me. How many times have we been told this election swings on the economy.

    We can decry the greed of Wall Street. Truth be told, the greed starts in the voting booth. I could never vote for my wallet over a life. If we are morally bankrupt it’s all over anyway.

    The tougher issue these days is when neither candidate stands for life or liberty…or when one says they do, but truthfully, they are just paying lip service to get a vote.

    Congrats…you just made the record for my longest post ever.

  2. Linda

    Its always about abortion with you people.
    If a fetus has a soul, what do you think happens to that soul when the fetus is aborted?
    The planet currently has over 6 billion people, our fresh water is being depleted, fish is at a all time low, farm land
    is being developed and the soil is blowing away as the trees are falling.
    Would it be better to continue our rabbit mentality and have people starving, dieing of diseases and unable to live productive, satisfying lives?
    If abortion is unacceptable then make contraceptives more easily obtained (free).
    I’m sick of this righteous soapbox you people get on.
    Abortion is not a reason to pick a president.

  3. Jeff

    I guess I’ll jump in as a “you people” person.

    So, with your logic, Linda, we should kill every person that is going to heaven just to lower the population of the earth? I mean, they are going to heaven anyway, right? Abortions cure the ills of the earth? That just doesn’t make sense. On any level.

    Murder is the highest crime against humanity. While I’ll agree we probably haven’t taken as good of care of the earth as we could, killing someone that is helpless and caused NONE of the ills of earth just upon the belief that this new life MIGHT SOMEDAY contribute to those ills is nothing more than ridiculous. I have four kids and each of them had a soul way before they were born. Each had personalities just as they do now. Did they have all the functions and intelligence that they have now…no. Just as you didn’t. I’d fight for your opportunity to become all that you are just as any other child that doesn’t get the chance. Who knows? By your same logic I could say that the person that would solve all these ills would have been born 30 years ago, but we killed them before they had the opportunity to do it.

    You might want to look below your feet…I’m seeing a soapbox there as well and it looks pretty righteous.

    If murder is not a way to pick a president, I’m not interested in that process.

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