35 Things – Saturday

Thank You, God, for:

  • Long term friendships. After 3 years, we can pick up like it was yesterday.
  • A great school for Hannah. She comes home everyday knowing something new. From Spanish to Math, the kid is a sponge.
  • An awesome building for church. 2 months ago, nobody knew what it was going to be like to move. If we’d have the right equipment, if the room would really be ok after setup, if we would even be able to setup in time. We’ve blasted through all those doubts.  Opening day is tomorrow. Let your glory shine!
  • People willing to make Sunday happen. It takes a lot of manpower. Maybe even more than in the old building. Sunday morning setup shows how great our church is. I’m telling you – we’re going places.
  • Missionaries spreading God’s word. Nora and Kevin, you guys rock. Keep pushing the envelope!

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