35 Things – Thursday


Thank You, God for:

  • Great Christian radio in the area.  It keeps me connected and focused in the car. It also gives me a chance to sing out loud.  You don’t want to hear me sing outside the car… trust me.
  • Beautiful fall days like today. It’s sunny and in the upper 50’s. A perfect day in my book.  If the whole year could be jeans and sweatshirts, I’d be a happy camper. Maybe throw in a short day or two for good measure.
  • A family with giving hearts. I’ll give you my time whenever you need it.  Seriously – just ask. Sarah loves giving gifts and helping people with money.  We’re grooming Hannah to do the same.  She’s always willing to give up a toy or part of her allowance to needy kids or kids that are less fortunate than she is. It’s a great feeling to give.
  • Incredible friends.  I can’t say enough about them. We could rely on any of them to have our back, clothe our back or pat our back. Thanks guys (girls). You know who you all are.
  • My iPhone. Seriously. I keep in contact through twitter, SMS, and email. I have a bible with 15 translations at my fingertips, my todo list is with me 24/7 and it serves as my “gentle nudge” alarm clock in the morning.  I rely on it for almost everything. I did ok before I had one – now it’s just that much easier. If Lorraine can be thankful for her washing machine, I can give my iPhone some love.

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