35 Things – Wednesday


Thank you, God, for:

  • Mentors that won’t give up. I was almost ready to give up the religion thing altogether in high school. You pulled me back with the help of a few dedicated people.
  • The ability to see. I’m one of those people that’s visually inspired. Just this morning on the way to work, I looked out over hundreds of trees with dozens of different colors. Only You could make that happen. Pictures from space, the depths of the ocean, fiery sunsets… You’re beauty is shown through nature.
  • Ears to hear. Sunday morning worship, the ocean crashing on the shore. birds singing, stories from a good friend.
  • A loving and supportive family. I won’t go so far as to call them normal, but loving and supportive all the way.
  • Freedom. Freedom to speak, freedom to worship, freedom to vote. Too many people take it for granted. People have died for our freedom. A little thanks is the very least we can give.

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