35 Things – Tuesday


Thank you God for:

A bible teaching church. Sarah and I looked high and low for a church that “fit” (it’s not about us… I know) and finally landed back at Bethel Baptist Bethel Church Church of Rock Run SouthField Community.  It’s awesome to see what God has done to our church over my lifetime. I’m sure bigger things are coming.

Our house.  You’ll never stop hearing me complain about the stuff that needs fixing (yesterday’s clogged drain is free flowing BTW) but in the end, I’m eternally grateful that we have a warm, secure home to come back to every night and a place to lay our heads.

A good job. There are days I come home grumpy. There are days I wish I worked for myself. There are days I want tell my job to shove it. At least I have a job. Unemployment is rapidly growing. I have a secure job that pays relatively well.

Two incredible kids. Pure joy doesn’t come close to describing what I have inside when I think of Nathan and Hannah. Best. Kids. Ever.  I’m a touch biased.

Sarah.  We’ve been through some rough spots, but we’ve come out stronger and smarter each time.  In times some people would crack, we pushed through. God has repeatedly provided for us. He’ll never push more than we can handle. Thank you for being there through it all. Love you!

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