35 things – Monday


Dennis spoke about being thankful yesterday at SouthField. His challenge to us was to thank God for 5 things every day. The double dog dare was to come up with 5 new things every day. I posted last night about some beefs I had, but when you step back and look through God’s eyes, the little stuff becomes pointless to worry about.

I’m going to post my 35 things – 5 a day on the blog. Follow along and add your own if you feel so inclined.

Here’s today’s (same as last night):

  • Electricity to light the house, run the gadgets and cook dinner.
  • Indoor plumbing and running water – enough said.
  • Having 2 reliable vehicles for getting around. I have a bike, but SouthField and work would be long rides.
  • The opportunity to use gas for heating the house, drying my clothes and running my car.
  • My health. I need to shed more than a couple pounds, but all in all, I’m pretty healthy.

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