1 little 2 little 3 little iphones

3 words.

Best. Customer. Service.

It was Oct 3rd 2007 when I walked into the Apple Store Orland Park and picked up my iPhone. Since then, I have had it replaced because it stopped vibrating. Now this replacement was sucking battery like… Well, it was sucking battery. Quick.

I walked into the Apple Store Saturday night and explained my issue to support in the back of the store.  The girl was very nice and plugged it in to do a diagnostic check.

I told her that I could get an hour o a movie tops and then the battery was dead.  She claimed the iPhone’s battery stats were normal.

She took my iPhone and asked me to do a wipe – completely erase it. Then she walked away. A few minutes later, she was back with a white box.

I’ve seen this before.

With no questions asked, she swapped out my iPhone for a refurb unit.

No big deal you say… Average customer service, right? Not exactly.

Remember when I bought the original iPhone? October 3rd 2007.

What was Saturday? October 4th 2008. One day after my warranty expired. Apple didn’t have to do anything. They could have tossed the iPhone back and told me it would be $79 for a new battery.

Nope. New unit.

The icing on the cake is the fact that the refurb iPhone I got comes with a 90 day warranty.

Yup – I technically got 15 months + 1 day of coverage.

I love Apple.

3 more words:

Customer. For. Life.

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