My one year blogging anniversary is quickly approaching, so I felt some changes were in order.  I’ve used the same theme since week one of the blog, so I changed it to something a little simpler.  Most of my close blogging buddies use a RSS reader, so you probably won’t notice anything different, but for the folks that actually come to the site, I’ll be putting some new stuff up and moving things around.

Thanks for putting up with me!


  1. Kelly

    I knew your anniversary must be quickly approaching because mine is at the end of the month. Can you believe a year as almost gone by – wow!!

    Cool banner – I love the various blue hues & it’s very fun!!

  2. Dennis

    Nice look Erik. Like the added tweets. The banner is way cool!

    I’m glad you blog…the web is a better place with your thoughts swirling around!

  3. Jeff

    Uh…I’d have gone with a BLACKOUT myself… I see to many blues that are close to the dreaded “cubbie” blue in the header. 😦

    I think that Lou is ready to retire after tonight. These guys are just terrible. Speaking of changes, I bet he wishes he would have changed pitchers earlier.

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