And the house came tumbling down…

A quote from Lifehacker about the recession/depression/downturn/meltdown:

When we built a world on top of one that was given to us and we thanked ourselves for it. We parted ways with the natural world and we made gods of ourselves for the doing of it. What do we have to gain from this collapse? Only paradise and the rediscovery of our humanity…

It’s a little on the humanistic side, but I think we can extract some spiritual applications from it as well…

The whole first sentence speaks volumes. We as Christ Followers do the same thing every day. We build a world on top of one that was given to us. God provides whatever we need in life. He always has and always will. What do we do though? We decide that His provisions aren’t good enough and we build a psudo-world to live in. It starts off innocent at first, but as time progresses and we become more and more complacent, we start to become lax with our psudo-world…

We stop reading the Bible

We stop praying

We stop thanking God

We stop realizing He’s the reason we even exist

What do we have to gain from this collapse? Only paradise and the rediscovery of our humanity.

Paradise and a return to God. Have you ever noticed that after a big crash in life, you start to feel a peace about everything? Not right away, but after everything has sunk in… There’s the paradise. Maybe that’s the way it’s suppose to be.

The psudo-world WILL collapse one day. It’s just like Matthew 7:24-27. The wise man build upon the rock. The foolish man build on the sand and his house came crashing down. Banks were lending to risks. The risks came back to ultimately destroy the banks.

After the collapse, you have nothing left to cling to but Christ. You’re forced back to the fundamentals. What if we stayed at the fundamental stage the whole time? What if our hearts were always in the right place. What if we were always more concerned about the lost people, the broken people, and the sick people than we were about our checkbook balance, how dirty the Benz was or what color designer purse to buy.

All of us live in our psudo-world to some extent and we always will. It comes down to if you’re willing to try to break free of it by taking little bits apart at a time. Fix it slowly. God will always be there to help you along the way.

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