Chase the Lion

This card has been hanging on our fridge since we did this series at church:

I read it just about every day and use it to remind myself of what I need to do in life… Stop running away, worry about what God thinks, enjoy the journey…

With CoRR moving to Channahon and becoming SouthField Community Church, these ideas have a whole new application.  Dennis brings up the 5 smooth stones:

Flexible, Fun, Focused, Fearless, and Faithful

All 5 of the stones are expressed above. Laugh, blaze new trails, set God-sized goals…

Simply moving to a new location was a huge step of faith.  Making SouthField work is going to take focus. If we don’t have fun and laugh at ourselves along the way, we’re taking it too seriously.

I can’t wait for more opportunities to come up.  We’re literally starting with a blank slate here. Let’s show Channahon and the “south field” what God can do in a community and what next steps really are.

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