iPhone Killer? Nah.

Google announced the much anticipated gPhone today.  Basically, it’s a HTC “slider” phone with Google’s own Android Mobile OS installed.  The OS looks nice, until you read some of it’s limitations, but IMHO, the phone’s fugly…

Here’s a couple pics:


t-mobile g1

Now, call me an Apple fanboy, but this thing looks horrible!  I know – who cares what it looks like – if it works great, that what matters.

I’ll give you that until you realize that there is no built in video out of the box other than YouTube. Google is leaving it up to the developers to add video support in their applications. That’s good for a variety of codec and format support, but bad for ease of use.

Then comes the hardware…

No MultiTouch – on this unit anyway. I’m sure future phones running Android will have it, but not the initial “break onto the scene” device.

No headphone jack – again, on this unit, but come on…

People complain about the shortcomings of the iPhone (no copy/paste, no flash support, no MMS) a lot… This initial Android phone has way more minuses in my book.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been a happy iPhone owner for a year now. Maybe Steve Jobs put something in my Coco Puffs this morning. Maybe I’ve been drinking the Kool Aid for too long.

Android OS + HTC G1 Phone + TMobile = Nah, I’ll pass.

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