On Tuesday, I got ready for work, packed my bag, headed out the door, and chucked everything into the passenger seat of my trusty 1999 Blaze Red Chevy Monte Carlo. I proceed to get in, stick the key in the ignition, turn and

Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click


It turns out it was just a dead battery.  So dead, in fact, that it wouldn’t even jump start. A couple hundred dollars later (there were other issues too) and my car is back to normal.


You see, my car is equipped with a “TheftLock” radio. If the power is killed to the radio (from either a dead battery or being stolen out of the car) the radio locks itself and you need a code to re-enable it.  I set the code on August 10, 1999. The day I bought the car. Over 9 years ago. And didn’t write it down…

from what I gather, I have 8 attempts to put in the code, then it goes into INOP (inoperable) mode.  You need to leave the car running for an hour to get back to LOC mode to enter more wrong codes. Then you only have 3 chances to enter your code before INOP mode kicks back in and the cycle runs yet again… 

I’ve already put in 8 wrong codes.

I’ve looked up how to unlock it on the internet – that used up 5 of my wrong codes.

I haven’t left the engine running for an hour yet… INOP it is. I really don’t want to drop 50 or 60 bucks on having the dealer unlock this thing.  I can pick up a way better radio online that my iDevices will plug into for not much more…

Where am I going with this?


Every time I get in the car – there it is. Silence.

I have a 25ish minute drive to and from work everyday, so I figured I’d listen.

To what?


We’ve had some good talks the past few days.

It’s amazing how much you hear when there’s no “noise”.




  1. Jeff

    Try this… It works everytime for me.

    1. take out said radio
    2. smash with hammer/blunt object or run over with truck
    3. Go to Best Buy
    4. Buy a new radio that doesn’t have “theftlock” and let them install it.
    5. Drive home.

    What do you think? Doable?

    Granted, I don’t know about the God relationsip building aspect of it, but it WOULD clear up your issue.


    Happy Friday!

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