Say what?


Last night, Sarah was logged into work doing some last minute file adjustments when I heard something that sounded like angels proclaiming the second coming of Christ:

I hate Microsoft…

Say what, dear?

You have to understand… I’ve been a Mac convert for 4 years. In the summer of 2004, my buddy gave me an old iBook with a smashed screen.  I hit up eBay for a new display, threw some blood, sweat and tears into 5 hours of laptop “surgery” installing the new screen, installed OS X over OS 9 that was on the iBook and never looked back.

Sarah, on the other hand, was a tad more reluctant to embrace “Thinking Different”.  She was still using our ancient Gateway laptop at the time and got completely frustrated every time she had to even look at the iBook.  Through various laptop switches, she eventually ended up with the iBook then progressed to a PowerBook G4.  The PowerBook had to return to the Forest Preserve when I left, so that left her back with the iBook – slower, but not a big deal for what she does.

Sadly, the iBook’s logic board has “expired”.  I called Apple about a repair, but the iBook G3 700mhz is now considered “vintage”. No love. Luckily, Sarah’s boss gave us the firm’s old Sony VAIO laptop.  It’s a Pentium 4, but weighs a ton…

That’s right. Sarah’s back to a ::: gasp ::: Windows machine.

She hates that laptop with a passion.  She wants a new MacBook.

Be still my beating heart…


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