Meet my God

Gabe Taviano of the God’s Mac podcast has posted today about the election and what really matters when we get down to it.  The environment, immigration, the economy, etc. are all important issues, no doubt. In the grand scheme of things, do they really matter though? Are there not bigger problems going on in the world right now?

My friend Dennis and I were talking over the weekend about being “poor”.  The stereotypical “poor” to us in America is not being able to pay our cable bill, or having to shop at the thrift store or Aldi. The reality of “poor” in the world is not having enough to eat, not having clean water, or having a 7 year old raise his or her younger siblings because both of their parents died of AIDS.

So what about the bigger issues?  What about abortion, what about God? should these ideals play a part in your decision on who to vote for? I think so. I also think that Gabe hit it spot on with his post:

Mr. Obama, meet my God

This isn’t an issue of whether Obama or McCain can overturn Roe vs. Wade and get rid of abortion for good, it’s an issue I have with Obama’s faith. A faith that hides when the going gets tough. The man places God in a box, maybe believing that the God I follow isn’t big enough to deliver in the middle of unwanted pregnancies. My life is a result of a young couple (my parents) being in a position that Obama might think is too difficult for my God to work out. Close friends insisting that I be aborted. My parents being in a position where most would believe they didn’t have enough to make it through, not knowing what the future holds at all. For them, let alone for an innocent child.

He can dodge the issue and play games saying that “it depends on whether you see it from a theological or scientific perspective”. Or that answering the question of when a baby gets human rights is “outside of his pay grade”. If it’s too big of an issue for who could be the next leader of the free world, then who’s big enough to take it on? I guess the answer is God, huh? The same God that works everything together for those that love Him. For those like my parents who are a living story that contradicts the beliefs of this careless “Harvard graduate” who could be our next president.

As a Christian, abortion is just as important of an issue as any other. You can’t compare it to war, the numbers of casualties don’t even come close. It might sound awkward, but the deaths of our soldiers are deaths of proud men and women fighting against people who were on the offensive against us. Trying to compare those with the deaths of innocent children, some who possibly could grow up and be a better leader than Obama one day, isn’t a discussion worth having. Many other issues seem much more important to our society, and shockingly to lots of Christians from both parties. Driving hybrid cars to save our world, our debt, health care, etc. I think we’re far too blessed to be making those issues more important than the mass murder that is happening every day (40 million abortions since 1973).

I recommend watching the two videos that I have at the bottom of this blog from the Saddleback Civil Forum with Pastor Rick Warren and both candidates from a few weeks ago. Feel free to fast forward to the 2:40 mark in both to get to the same question. For some reason, I’m tilting towards McCain at the moment. The issues matter, not the party.

Here’s a link to a transcript of the Saddleback interviews

It might seem like I’m posting a lot of jokes, comments, etc. about Obama. Truth is, I’m terrified of where this country is headed if he is elected President. I’ve tried to stay relatively neutral on who I support on the blog, but the closer we get to election day, the more worried I get.  Understand, I’m not a complete McCain supporter either.

As Christians, we have a calling higher than anything the world can throw at us. Trees are nice, money is great, having a job is important, but keeping Jesus as a priority and preserving the morals this country was founded on should be of utmost importance when Christians walk into the voting booth.

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