Tech Update

Jott – It’s finally out of beta! After 2.5 years, the service is ready to accept users.  If you’ve never heard of Jott, it’s worth a look.  After signing up for the service, you are able to call an 800 number and leave a voice message. That message is then stored on the server as an MP3 and converted to text for emailing.

Big deal you say… Here’s the beauty of Jott –

When you call the 800 number, Jott asks you who you want to send to. You can send to yourself, or other pre-defined email contacts and the voice message is converted to an email and sent out. That’s just the beginning…

Jott has built in “links” to services like Twitter, WordPress, RememberTheMilk, TypePad, etc. so you can send the converted text to a Twitter tweet, your blog or add a task to RememberTheMilk.



From there, the voice note is converted to text and uploaded as a tweet to Twitter. The same works for other services.  Just tell Jott who you want to “Jott” and away you go.

There’s even a free iPhone app so you can record Jotts and have them upload to the service.

For more info, check out  They have 3 pricing tiers ranging from free (ad supported) to 13 a month. 

iPhone firmware – Apple released iPhone firmware 2.0.2 yesterday.  iTunes claims “bug fixes” as the main component of the update.  I’m downloading right now. I’ll report back after the install and let you know any noticeable changes. Some users have claimed that the app lag is gone, better reception, their chocolate milk tastes more chocolaty, the skies are bluer and their spouse loves them more…

More to come…


  1. Dennis

    Been using jott for a couple weeks and I love it. I’m using the iphone app for it as well. Overall, it works well. I’ve had a couple messages not work with the record feature. Today is spelled cracker barrel as Cracobale! Made me laugh. I’m doing the free version…didn’t even know there was a pay version.

  2. nora

    Oooh, I might just be able to blog in real time from mmmBELLYmay land! I wonder how much the calls will cost me, since 800 numbers don’t work from overseas. Thanks for the tip!

    Oh, and I have a little geek gift for you, I’ll bring it on Sunday.

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