Customer Service Part 2

Leave it to Apple.  By far, they have some great customer service. Example:

The roll out of MobileMe, the evolution of the .Mac service, was borked.  Yeah – Borked.  The conversion took upwards of a week instead of a few hours in the wee morning and there were more than a few people that lost days worth of email.  Personally, I was unable to log into my online storage, and I don’t use my .me email for anything important, but the service was down regardless.  All users pay at least $99 a year for the service, so some complaining is in order.

Apple, being the humble soul that it is, has admitted the service is far below the typical Apple quality threshold and has given all users a free 60 days of service.  For users that lost a lot, it’s probably not enough.  For me, who wasn’t expecting or thought I deserved anything, a free 60 days is great!

Click here for more info.

Thanks Uncle Steve!

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