What are you listening to?

I’ll tell you – the iPhone keeps getting better and better.

What now? You ask.

Simplify Media, that’s what.

You install a program on your computer (Windows, OS X, or Linux) and sign up for a free account with Simplify Media.  The program looks at your iTunes or Winamp library and makes those songs available to stream over the internet to wherever you have a connection.

Where’s the iPhone come in? You can download a free (for the first 100,000 downloads; $3.99 after) client from the iTunes AppStore to connect to your music and stream them to your device through a WiFi, 3G, or EDGE connection.  I’ve tried it through my home wireless network and it works great. It even shows the album art on the iPhone screen.

More info can be found HERE.

Download the iPhone app HERE (iTS link).

If you want my link to browse and listen to my iTunes library, let me know!

Have I mentioned I love my iPhone?


  1. Dennis Papp


    You are without question my favorite stateside geek (gotta keep Ryan in the running). This app is amazing!

  2. Dennis Papp

    good start, now trouble…stuck in scanning libraries and connecting to libraries on phone. It worked perfectly at first

  3. Kelly

    I don’t know Erik…

    you know what they say about things sounding too good to be true…

    the i-phone is now on that list!

  4. Dennis Papp

    Making some progress. Contacted tech support last night. Had an email this morning. Prompt…I like that. Now my phone and Brian’s computer can only see one of my computers, mine I can see all three. The phone saw both of mine last night before it quit. He said they were having server problems. I’ll be patient. If the glitches get undone, this will be great.

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