As I stand in a mall corridor last night, wishing I was outside watching the raging storm blow by, I felt the need to blog… Out comes the iPhone and I write a short blurb (below).  At that point, I knew there was something better.

Enter Twitter.

There’s one way to describe Twitter – it answers one question –

What are you doing right now?

I figured a Tweet (one of many twitterings) would have worked better than a blog post for immediate info disbursement.   I’ve been toying around with setting up an account and giving it a shot, but I’m not sure that many people will find my tweets that interesting. 

I thought the same when it came to blogging too and that’s turned out pretty well so far…

So – here I go.  Jumping into Twitter.  I’ll soon have my recent tweets up on the side of the blog here, so you can see what I’m up to.  You can also sign up for the service and get realtime updates on your phone or mobile device.  For the whole rundown, clicky on over to and see what its all about.

If you care to follow mine, my twitter name is ErikRichter.


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