Yeah – that’s what I said too.

I came across a post on Lifehacker today talking about various weight loss techniques.  The iPod+Nike was on there… A few online tools… and Shovelglove.

Since I’m trying to get into better shape (round ain’t cutting it) I thought I would take a stab and post about shovelglove.  It’s a sledgehammer wrapped in a sweatshirt.

There you go.  See you tomorrow.

Seriously – it really is.  A certain Reinhard Engels was looking for an easy way to do some exercise on a rainy day and came up with shovelglove.  You perform certain movements for 14 minutes a day every weekday.  The reasoning and philosophy behind it all is explained on the shovelglove web page.

I think I’m going to try this out… worst case, I don’t like it and return the sledgehammer to Home Depot…

Oh yeah… more pushups tonight

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