How many can you do?

In my recent stumblings across the interwebs, I came upon  The premise is simple – Can you do 100 pushups? If not, they claim you’ll be able to in 6 weeks. The program is free and requires nothing more than a floor, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  I’m trying to kick some weight, so it fits into the whole diet/exercise routine.

You start with the “initial test”.  Ooohhh… Sounds scary.  It’s really just doing as many good-form pushups as you can.  I did mine yesterday and was able to do a humbling 11.  I did more, but my form was suffering around 13 or 14, so back down to 11 it was.  The initial test lets you know where in the workout chart you fall each week.  Basically, you do 5 sets of pushups 3 days a week.  The reps increase every week and by 6 weeks, they claim you should be able to do 100… We’ll see.  Sarah and I are both going to give it a shot.  Any other takers?

Click the banner below for more info:



  1. Erik

    Boy, Dennis… You know how to make a guy blush…

    Just to forewarn you – I grunted out 41 (again, not in a row) on Monday and my arms still hurt today.
    Happy Pushing!

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