Fu… What?

My Grandpa Carlson used to butcher proper nouns like there was no tomorrow.  Restaurant names, grocery store names, pro athletes… You name it, it could be butchered.  I’ve noticed quite a few older people do this…

For example –

I stopped in the BP in Elwood this morning for my usual cup of double caff coffee and there were quite a few people talking about the All Star game last night.  An Elwood cop, construction worker and a really old guy… Out of the blue, the old guy asks

What about that Fookadoo? Did you see that Fookadoo? He was swinging at the dirt! You know… Fookadoo…

I can only guess he means Fukudome… I love old people…

DISCLAIMER – the terms “old” and “older” are relative.  Since I’m still a “punk”, “whipper-snapper”, or “wet behind the ears” to a lot of people, you can come to your own definition of “old”.  Please drive thru.

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