Must… have…

more… iPhone…

I kid you not, I have a whole new device after the software update… And I think I’m addicted…

A couple cool things:

Games – There are a number of games fro the iPhone now ranging from basic solitaire all the way up to Super Monkey Ball where you tilt  the iPhone to make the ball move.  It’s incredible.  I have a basic flying game where you tilt the iPhone to steer the plane.  Very cool stuff.  And we’re just barely tapping the real potential of this thing.

Music – In addition to being an iPod too, the iPhone now can stream music.  There are a couple neat applications that work really well.  On the basic end is AOL Radio.  It’s really just some stations that stream their content over the internet an d you can listen in.  Getting a little more advanced is and Pandora.  These 2 work off of peoples tastes in music, but they’re unique in a couple different ways.

Pandora works by entering artists into your main account online and it will play music that fits into the same “genome”. See for more info – it’s really a great service – and free!

Last.FM works by entering artists and it’ll play what other Last.FM members also liked that like who you picked… Yeah… Confusing. Last.FM for more details.

Either way, both these free services are great on your computer or laptop at home or at work.  The fact that they now work on the iPhone and can be accessed and listed to anywhere in the world is phenomenal!

Other Apps – a couple notable free apps from the AppStore are:

PhoneSaber – A light saber for your iPhone – sounds and everything!

YouVersion Bible – A bible with 15 translations and user submitted notes and pictures

Shazam – this is a new favorite.  You open the app, hit “tag” and hold the iPhone up to a speaker playing a song (from the radio, cd, whatever).  This app will tell you the artist, song, album, give you a link to buy it from iTunes, and find YouTube video’s of the artist.  I was floored.

At $199 + appx $80 a month in service charges, the new 3G iPhone isn’t for the working poor, but if you’re in the market for a new phone/iPod, look at the iPhone.  The device is amazing and will only get better from here on out.


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