…to a whole new iPhone.

Against my better judgement, I took the plunge and installed the new firmware upgrade for the iPhone a day early.  A bunch of sites had posted a link to the file, and I couldn’t wait.  Let me tell you – I have a whole new iPhone after the upgrade.

I’ll touch on some points:

The AppStore –

WOW!  Talk about a revolutionary platform for content delivery.  You can either browse the store through iTunes and install from there, or open the AppStore on the iPhone and browse, buy, install all over the air.  I downloaded and installed a couple programs while I was lying in bed last night.  Like most things Apple – it just works

Push updates –

Until last year, you had two options for mobile “enterprise grade” email.  The BlackBerry or a Windows Mobile device.  Both offer “push” updates. What’s push? Apple does a pretty good job of explaining:

MobileMe stores all your email, contacts, and calendars on an online server — or “cloud” — and pushes them down to your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC. When you make a change on one device, the cloud updates the others. Push happens automatically, instantly, and continuously. You don’t have to wait for it or remember to do anything — such as docking your iPhone and syncing manually — to stay up to date.

As soon as an email comes in – it’s on your phone.  if you update your calendar on the phone, the change is immediately synced to the rest of your devices.  Real-time updates more-or-less.

Anyway – back to the iPhone – with the new firmware upgrade, if you have a MobileMe (formerly .Mac) account, you now have the ability to do push email, calendars, and contacts.  This is huge bump for the business crowd.  I know it’ll come in handy for me with my side work.

Location Aware Apps –

This may sound a little Orwellian/1984ish, but the iPhone is now location aware.  Basically, it knows where you are on the earth.  I installed a radio app on the iPhone yesterday.  It opened with a bunch of web radio stations so I tried one out – sounds good. I then noticed a “local” button on the bottom. I pressed it and a popup asked if I wanted to allow the iPhone to see my location.  After pressing YES, I was presented with local Chicago stations because the iPhone new (through triangulation on the old iPhone – GPS on the new one) that I was near Chicago.

This will extend into a lot of apps.  There are camera apps that will “geotag” the photos you take with the iPhone. It records where the picture was taken.  There are also apps so you can see where your friends are at or where they’ve been.

And on a less exciting note – there’s finally a button to go directly into your contact list – yippee!!

For now, I’m beyond charged up over this thing… Definitely one of the best toys productivity tools I’ve purchased in a long time

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