This is an iPhone charger?!

Last week, I got an email from with a bunch of sale items.  I’m always drawn to the stuff that’s under $20, just because I don’t feel bad picking one up on a whim.  So – I see this:

an iPhone/iPod car charger for $6.99.  Not a bad price.  What the heck? I’ve run out of juice in the car before.  So I order it.  Being the cheap frugal chap that I am, I always opt for free shipping if it’s not one of my “wonder toys”, so I expect it to take close to two weeks to get here.  I had ordered a few things last week, so when one of them showed up on the doorstep today, I wasn’t sure which item had arrived.  The box was pretty light, but was long.


I looked at the shipping label and it appeared to be my charger.  I open the box and find:

the biggest honkin’ remote known to man…  The picture above doesn’t do this thing justice…  When I get a chance, I’ll pose with the bad boy and you can see…

Anyway – I’d like to thank for giving me a good laugh this afternoon.  Now I’m off to request an RMA to send this thing back and get my charger!!

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