More Free Stuff

Fair trade music site is offering album downloads for free if you tell 3 friends, or you can pay what you want… Seriously.  Out of the 18ish albums available, I only recognize 2 – Derek Webb (Caedmon’s Call) and Waterdeep.  You can prieview the others though.

I know what you’e thinking… If I give out my friends email addresses, they’ll get a ton of spam because of me.  Well, maybe.  I put in 3 of my junk email addresses to get the Derek Webb album (more to see if I would get spammed than to cheat the system) and as of today, I haven’t gotten any more emails to those addresses.  NoiseTrade’s policy is that they don’t keep the email addresses.  They send out the one email and then delete it from their system…  We’ll see. You can always name your price for the album too.


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