images Sometimes it amazes me how intertwined the internet has made us. Here’s an example:

One of my favorite blogs is The FAIL Blog. Some of the pictures and video’s are absolutely hysterical. Most of the content is reader submitted and when someone submits something that gets posted, they usually put a thanks to who submitted it and a link to their website if they have one.  So as I’m reading through the blog, I see a link to a submitters site – clicky click – and end up at

Sounds interesting – let’s have a look around.

There’s some personal stories, YouTube clips, etc., like any personal blog.  I click on the About page and the authors bio pops up.  First thing he mentions about himself – he’s a Christian. 

I just thought it was kind of neat that out of the billions of web pages out there, I click on the link to a fellow Brother in California through something as “out there” as the FAIL Blog.

With things like Twitter and Facebook doing nothing but gaining momentum, I think the old saying that we’re 7 people away from knowing everyone in the world might drop a person or two in short time.

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