News you can(t) use

From the Joliet Herald News:

The Plainfield police called on the assistance of a psychic in the their quest to find missing mom Lisa Stebic. The state police have no such plans to exploit the spirit world in their attempt to locate Stacy Peterson, the missing Bolingbrook mother they have been trying to track down.

But where the state police fear to tread, Pulse steps in.

We consulted with psychic Joann Fabritz .

Fabritz has 30 years in the futures business and tells fortunes on Fridays in downtown Lemont’s H & H Family Restaurant. She also offers consultation through her Web site,

Fabritz said she has stopped paying attention to the highly publicized plight of Stacy’s husband, Drew Peterson, “because the guy’s so cunning and he knows psychology and it makes me sick that the television news is falling right into his game.”

Even so, she says Peterson’s disembodied head paid her a visit while Fabritz was meditating at home not long ago.

She spoke with the head, and later locked in on Peterson’s subconscious with the use of her tarot cards. Fabritz related some interesting insights. When told what the psychic had to say about him and his missing wife, Peterson replied, “Unbelievable. That’s dandy.”

This is news? Way to step up your journalistic prowess, there, Herald News…

The fact that it’s in the paper is bad enough.  What I personally find more depressing is that the Plainfield police are using this woman to assist them in finding Lisa Stebic.  I sure hope her services were gratis, because if I was a Plainfield resident, I’d be mighty miffed knowing my tax dollars were going to a lady that talks to disembodied heads while meditating.


  1. Dennis

    i wonder if they’ll hire her to figure out who stole our church van? Maybe they can get Shawn and Gus…psyche!

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